[Teen Boys] Since opening our doors to youth and young adults in 1994, Axios Youth Community has run rehabilitation and treatment facilities in numerous cities within the State of Colorado. These have ranged from the far northeastern areas of the State to the south-central portion, and Axios has served almost every county in Colorado during that span of time.

The health and human services industry is always changing, and as such, private companies like Axios are always adapting to meet the prevalent needs. Since around 2009, the State of Colorado has engaged in a series of efforts to dramatically reduce, or altogether limit, the use of what the industry calls, "Congregate Care Facilities." When Axios was at its largest, we ran numerous facilities with huge patient capacities all over the State these facilities were Congregate Care Facilities. But since then, political interests and budgetary cutbacks have dramatically changed the industry landscape, and Axios has adapted by downsizing and centralizing operations in the city of Pueblo, Colorado.

Axios used to be an agency that sought to care for large numbers of youth in a group and centralized, one-size-fits-all treatment model. This is no longer the case. Currently Axios serves only male youth, ages 15 to 21, under a program model that heavily involves the resident with the community at large. Successful emancipation into the community is the number one goal. If the youth needs to complete some education, we work with the local school systems to assure our resident receives the support needed to be successful. If the youth has a diploma or GED, and would like to attend college, we work with the local community college to assure the resident receives the support needed to be successful, and advocate heavily that the youth maintain at least a part-time job during the school year. If the youth prefers to forego college, the program model centers on life-skills development, vocational training, and securing employment.

Axios Youth Community is currently developing the interest and investment capital needed to launch two new group-care emancipation facilities in the Pueblo community. One will accept girls.

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