Success Stories

[Success Stories] The following letters and notes are from some of our kids that we have served recently. We have posted some of them to show you who we are. We are proud of our staff we appreciate knowing that we have helped in their journey.

Axios Youth Changed My Life

Hi. My name is Aaron.
Some of the ways Axios Youth has changed my life was by opening my eyes on people really caring. I have never really had a whole bunch of people that actually care. One person I really had that loved me for me was my sister.

I was a troubled kid that really never had anything and got into a lot of trouble. This place has really made me think and realize that it was time for me to grow up. This place has taught me how to deal with my anger and how I'm ready to go home and take on my responsibility of life.

Testimonial from Brandon

When I came to the Axios Youth I was a drug abuser, I failed all my classes and I didn't care about anyone, including myself. If it wasn't for the Axios Youth and loving staff, I would have never changed and I am very thankful for what they have done for me. - Brandon

Not Only the Children are Healed

To truly change human behavior is one of the most difficult tasks we can imagine. Millions of dollars are spent each year on personal trainers, success coaches, therapists, hypnotists, and seminars as people pay out big money to try to change their own actions and habits (with limited success — and these people want to change). From quitting smoking, to losing weight to dealing with fears or guilt, many are looking to feel and/or act differently.


Thanks to those who believe in me, and told me they love and care for me. If it wasn't for you, I don't know where I would be. You taught me what I did was wrong, and showed me how to get out of my cycle. You always offer your help. At first, I didn't want to accept your help, then someone told me to take what you got to offer, and I did. I still have slip-ups, but I learn how to deal with them appropriately. I can't give much, but my love and thanks, and my promise to never do what I did in the past.

Never Give Up Hope

Times may still seem bad. You may still feel sad or confused, and you don't know what to say or do. But I tell you one thing, never give up hope, and one day you will find out why I say this to you. There may be people who help you, and people who hate you. Help those who hate you, and love those who help you. Sometimes you may feel like you're not going to make it, never give up hope!!!

Caring Thoughts

[Girls reading books] I want to fly where the eagles dare.
I want to fly where people care.
Someone cares, that I know,
but the way I feel it's hard to show.
Without the Lord to say, "I care,"
my heart feels blank, empty, and bare.
My heart is so blind I wish I could see,
all the love the Lord has given to me.
When I told the Lord all these lies,
I could see all the pain in his eyes.
One thing I know, the Lord will always be there
to give the love's warmth we share.
An eagle soars in my mind,

Run or Stay

Part of me tells me to run and not look back, because my life seems to be done. But the other side tells me to stay, and maintain to pray. Sometimes I am confused on what to do. To do the right thing would bring great things, but to do the wrong thing would put me in prison or hell. So I have made my decision, and I decided to stay for the mean time until I'm done with what I got to do. Life will still be tough, but I will find a way to deal with my crazy life.

- Chris Niet

Do They Really Care?

They always said they cared
And that they would always be there
"You're in for life" is what they said
It's either that or choose to be dead
I was always in a fight and doing drugs
I thought I was cute chillin' with the thugs
I would smoke weed everyday
Chill and live it up any day
I always thought that drinkin' liquor
Would just be much quicker
Gray and Blue
The color I always choose
The times I said I'd win
I usually did


You were the only one there for me
and right by my side is where you'll always be
even though I so badly want you here
I know close to my heart you are near
up in the heavens I always stare
wondering if your happy up there
I am going to really miss you
but you probably already knew
since you've been gone I've always shed a tear
dreading that one fear
of being without you at home
to leave me and mom all alone
I know now that things will get better

How you make me feel

You make me feel all warm inside. As warm water running through the fasset. You also make me feel like a heart that is full of love. I feel as if everybody loves me more and more each day. I feel attention that I have never felt before. I feel as if you would do anything for me. Thanks for the feeling you give me. I love you all. I also feel happiness around you all. I like that feeling and I hope it never changes.

Love, Morgan

Who I have become is . . .

[Hand stands in the snow] From a person living on the streets
To a young man rising to his feet.

I have never had all I wanted to
I always felt frightened, sad, and blue.

I did not put much thought into life
I still resorted to the guns and knives.

I come here to release my inner pain and tears
Attached to my past I thought "I can't be here."

As I look around it seems nothing has changed
People come and people go it's all the same.


Relief is an angel in the sky,
Sometimes it makes us ask why.
Why have we been put on his Earth?
Why is there even any birth?
Why should life even exist?
Why is there darkness, even in mist?
Why do we stay neutral in the mist?
Why can't we step into the light?

I've been putting up a hell of a fight,
But still, my life only exists in the mist.

Why would people rather be in the dark instead of the light?
Don't you think heaven would be a beautiful sight?

The War Inside of Me

There's a war going on inside of me. Between good and evil, and I can't handle this. There is a lot of emotional and spiritual stress, and I don't know how to be real with this. I need some help with my frustrations and I don't know how to ask for help in these type of situations. But I need some help before I yell and yell out a "yelp," like a dog. I need to stop the hating and start the loving because everyone's mind needs a little cleaning and scrubbing. I need to figure out what I am going to do so I don't.

An inspirational person

Dear Bruce,

I am in my English class and writing this letter because I was to write to an inspirational person and I chose you.

The reason you inspire me is that you have shown me a path that is not chosen by most people. You have taught me to appreciate my situation make the best of it. It is as if you have taken a broken-down truck and fixed it all up. You brought me into your arms as if I was your son and I appreciate that very much! Even though I have father, he comes and goes. But you are here to stay and you guide me as if I was blind.